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Industrial Archaeology
Weight limit sign in Easthampton, MA

In many places in the northeast, the former railroad corridor was a place where much of the town's history took place--or at least traversed and many towns today are rediscovering this lost aspect of their history.

In fact, the efforts to save Penn Station in New York City led to the creation of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  The National Trust's efforts led to many iconic buildings being saved around the U.S.

In more recent years, the National Trust has been instrumental in creating awareness to preserve and protect the downtown commercial district in communities.  Their Main Street program has done wonders in scores of communities around the country.

Now, all around the U.S. the former railroad corridor in a given community is being rediscovered and NEGS is positioned to help develop signage [text and designs] to call out your community's heritage and serve to educate not only the local residents, but visitors as well.